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No, Absolutely no problem. Thanks for reply sir,so I will not get any deduction of marks if I write from internet this site …? The essay will elaborate on parents being legally responsible or the children themselves responsible for their deeds and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

What are the problems of rural areas and how can they be solved? Thank you Puneet Jain Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to society.

One of the studies by psychologists reveals the astounding facts that the poor value system is the underlying cause for the majority of juvenile crimes. View a model answer for Animal Extinction Essay. help with a research paper bullying thesis View a model answer for essay on education system. View a Sample response to environmental problems essay.

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Thanks for reply sir,so I will not get any deduction of marks if I write from internet this site …? Already due to global slowdown, there are less number of jobs and with influx of new people, it has escalated the unemployement crisis. So, we have added one more category to our website pteAcademicExam , and it will have all general essays.

Add New Essay Topic. I will give my opinion after analyzing both effects. Help essay writing on topics with answers pdf Outside people bring with them their cultural beliefs, some of which contradict with beliefs of natives and this results in friction among people. In this essay, it will discuss the main reasons.

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The world is full of diversity; hence we can find varieties of people and their opinions towards the education. View a model answer for Youth Crime Essay. thesis binding printing Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Government should also increase broder security to stop illegal crossings, for example, America has already stared building a wall on Mexico border.

Furthermore, highly educated people could serve in their places better than the less ones. When a company or a factory is looking for employees, they only choose the highest performance and knowledge for the jobs. ghost writing service crossword It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job?

In my opinion, the advancement of the technology had a great impact on our lives. But my writing and speaking is not good. dissertation binding lse People in western countires think that outsiders are threat to them as they are taking there jobs and their culture is also under threat. People give the argument that it is not that guns kill, it is the person behind the gun, who is responsible for killings; moreover, gun or no gun, people will kill for personal safety. Thus parents play a pivotal role in child act in the society.

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They help us to create a huge social networking between peoples who have the same intrests. View a model answer for this question. Help essay writing on topics with answers pdf For instance, it updates me about the daily weather, which I use to plan my day and also offers me movies in my spare time and therefore act as a companion to me.

Hopefully this will be useful to everyone. Study and employment distract one from another. Help essay writing on topics with answers pdf This essay discussed employment is more important to serve the growth of the country as well as being up to date in the field.

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